Pfeiffer Beach Photoshoot | Big Sur, California

Pfeiffer Beach in Big Sur, California is wrapped along the Monterey Coast off of Highway 1. This beautiful, iconic beach was the perfect spot to take Yoon Jae and Ayla for their engagement photoshoot. Pfeiffer Beach is also the home of the "Keyhole Arch" (known locally as "Pfeiffer Rock"), a very specific large rock in the middle of the ocean with doorway-shaped hole that allows waves and light through. It is captivating to watch, and this combination of famous purple sand and rock formation create the perfect blend of scenery for an epic surprise proposal. Yoon Jae and I planned months before this photoshoot date to surprise Ayla with a proposal. It was a beautiful day in Big Sur to celebrate these two and capture their love through photography.

My favorite thing about Yoon Jae and Ayla is their contagious joy. They have those smiles that can light up any room. I've enjoyed getting to know them, learning about their story, and capturing their special engagement day. Yoon Jae and Ayla popped a bottle of champagne to celebrate their engagement and when they did, the cork flew high across the beach and almost hit a lady standing nearby. We all gasped as we watched the cork fly and then busted out laughing as we appreciated partaking in this hilarious moment together. When we left our photoshoot, it felt like we had been friends for years! We exchanged hugs, took some selfies, and hiked all along the Big Sur coast. Definitely a day to remember forever!

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