Big Sur Lodge Wedding in Big Sur, California

Encapsulated by towering redwood trees is a beautiful, adventurous grove known as Big Sur Lodge. Maya and Gerald's wedding there was absolutely gorgeous. From the colors, to the flowers, to the green forest background, it was truly a unforgettable day to celebrate their love. Maya got ready up the hill in one of the cabin rooms surrounded by her closest friends. Her flower-filled hair and gleaming presence was truly contagious. After their ceremony, we walked around the grounds for solo shots. Everything was breathtaking hidden behind the big sur redwoods. Organic nature blooms by Kate Healy at Big Sur Flowers.

I enjoyed the entire planning process with Maya and Gerald. Maya has the brightest smile and optimistic spirit that was so inspiring and exciting. We couldn't wait to go shoot together and capture their special day. I honestly felt like I was part of the wedding party. I'm so grateful for our experience together and I know that the smiles in these photos are 100% genuine. You can't teach that, you can't direct that. It just has to happen. I like to remind couples that chemistry with your photographer is everything! Make sure you fall in love with their character and the work will speak for itself. Congrats Maya and Gerald, you have beautiful souls!

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