big sur engagement

An Unforgettable Evening at Big Sur Coast | Chris & Jasmine

The day started off beautifully. It was overcast on the Big Sur Coast, which is every photographer's dream! Chris and Jasmine were dressed beautifully and so ready to jump into their engagement photoshoot. We hiked up and down the cliffs overlooking Highway 1, trekking down to a private beach, where we could be alone and capture some incredible moments. Countless magical moments were caught up in Jasmine's windswept hair and Chris had a permanent gleam in his eye for his lady. Their love for each other was absolutely contagious, and it was evident in every single photo.

I spent a lot of time with Chris and Jasmine before our photoshoot making plans and talking details. My favorite thing about them is how much we connected on a personal level. We ended up talking about our lives, our faith, and how blessed we feel to live where we do. It has been a true honor getting to know them and I know that their love story is one that will be remembered forever.

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