Woah, I did it!

Have you ever thought about rebranding your business? Did you ever get the feeling that if you changed your branding, you would attract more customers? Maybe you own a small boutique, or an online store, or offer a type of customer service. For me, it's a photography service. And well, I did it. I rebranded my Photography Business in 2022!

My name is Jed Horca, I'm a Wedding & Elopement Photographer based in Monterey, California.

But there were very specific reasons why I decided to rebrand. Let me walk you through my mindset, hopefully you will find it educational and inspiring. I believe there are certain reasons why you SHOULD rebrand your business, and reasons why you should NOT rebrand. Let's first dive into some reason why I think you should NOT rebrand your business...

3 reasons you should NOT rebrand your business

When starting a new business, experienced business owners know that brand identity is massively important. It is the heart of your image, your reputation, how the public sees you. That perception of you translates to how they will interact with your product or service. We have seen "good" branding, and we, as customers, know what to expect from successful companies. We also know what a "bad" branding looks likes. Have you ever seen a store or restaurant that you would never set foot in? Probably because your perception of that business is negative. Branding is about perception. It's less about your cool logo, and more about the emotions your customers feel as they learn about you, it's what makes a business stand out and memorable in a customer's eye. In summary, BRANDING is vital to the success of your business.

So what do we do? Should we rebrand or not? Here are some reasons why I think you should NOT rebrand your business:

1. You're in the mood for something new. Get Bored.

This is probably the worst reason to rebrand your business. If you're tired of your graphics and logos, hold on for moment, there may be some other things that you should consider looking at first before rebranding. If you changed your logo and website every month because you got bored of it, no one would ever learn who you are, or what you stand for. They would not recognize you anymore and won't be able to retain your brand in their minds anymore. That is key, because as business leaders, attention is vital. We need to stay in the forefront of people's minds as often as possible.

2. You want to look like the competition.

I have fallen into this trap time and time again. It is SO tempting to copy and paste what other people do. "Well they are doing it, and they are successful, so if I do that then I will be successful! Right?" WRONG! That notion comes with good intention, however it will result in disappointment. Why? Because you are a boutique business, which means YOU are a part of your brand, which means when clients are interested in working with you, they want a UNIQUE and SPECIAL experience. That's why I want to stress that it is incredibly important that you are being yourself. Let your personality show in your branding. You don't need to copy your competitors, because you will always live in their shadow and your business will forever be compared to theirs. Find your "WHY" and your niche, and then stick to it. Let your user experience or service be as unique as you are!

3. Changing my visual brand will automatically bring in new customers.

Good point. Yes and no. I believe there is a time and place to update your brand visuals. But remember, rebranding is not JUST about the visuals, rebranding goes deeper. It is about changing the way people perceive you, which can be done in many different ways, such as relationships, business messaging, and customer investment.

You definitely don't want to be stuck with a logo that looks like it belongs to your grandparents. Then it might be time to update your visual branding. If that is case with your business, then I would strongly urge you to update.

I would just implore you to remember that emotions are way more important than a cool new font choice and a hipster logo. People want to connect with you on an emotional level, which means they are way more interested in the MESSAGE of your brand than how it looks. They want to know your WHY. That is how they buy in. That is how they become loyal clients.

"People are more interested in the message of your brand than how it looks."

"People are more interested in the message of your brand than how it looks."

3 reasons why you SHOULD rebrand your business

Let's dive in. I'm going to give you MY personal 3 reason why I rebranded my Photography Business in 2022. These reasons are specifically focused in the photography industry, however you may be able to take some fundamental principles and apply them to your own business. Enjoy!

1. My target audience was changing.

This is what I believe to be the number one strongest reason to rebrand your business. When I started my photography business back in 2016 (Formerly "Asher Studios"), I offered a LOT of different services for a lot of different types of clients. I actually started filming videos to corporate clients, doing product photography for merchandise companies and video game companies, and every once in a while I would shoot family portraits and maternity portraits. It was WILD! I read a book by Sarah Petty called "Worth Every Penny" that totally changed the photography game for me. It basically showed me that I was doing way too much, and needed to buckle down and be more specific on my craft. There were so many different types of clients in different industries with completely different desires and expectations. It wasn't until 2020 that I decided I want to be a specialist in one area. I wanted to to cater more specifically to couples who were engaged and about to be married. Those were the clients I wanted to spend time with. I've always felt like I was just another member of their wedding party! That was difficult for me to switch, because it meant saying "no" to a lot of other opportunities and photoshoots. But let me tell you, IT HAS BEEN SO WORTH IT.

If your target audience is drastically changing, then I would say yes to rebranding. It will help you and your customers know that you have officially taken a new direction and purpose.

2. My business was evolving.

Let me elaborate on that. When I say "My business was evolving", I don't mean my team was growing and I was doing way more things and offering more services than ever before. In fact, it was quite the opposite. For me, my business evolving meant that I was narrowing down my ideal client base to a very specific type of client. Wedding and Elopement Couples. Fun, natural, candid couples who wanted me to capture their special engagement or wedding day. That's who I wanted to serve. So that actually meant I was doing less things altogether and focusing more on a smaller audience. That of course, required a rebrand. I had to connect with my new client base.

Is your business evolving? Maybe you are expanding, your team is getting larger and you are outgrowing your original mission. Maybe like me, you are buckling down and finding a niche in the market that you want to focus on. In both cases, I think it totally be smart to rebrand!

3. My old brand identity no longer communicated what I wanted it to.

"Asher Studios" (the former name of my photography business) is still a special name to me. "Asher" is actually my middle name! It is also a Hebrew name meaning "blessed" and "fortunate". I've always thought that was a cool way to describe my business. And it was..... for a while. "Studios" no longer communicated the new direction I was taking in the Wedding industry. I was not doing studio portraiture, or product photography, or senior portraits, or really anything that required a "studio". Because of that I felt like it was time to remove those two words from my business and move in a new direction. Introducing "Jed Horca Photography"! Simple, focused, and I am now more integrated into the brand name. A lot of photography success is personality driven, so I do believe it is important to attach myself to my brand more closely. That resonates better with my new target audience.

Is rebranding the right choice for you?

At the end of the day, only you can decide whether rebranding your business is the right choice for you. Hopefully, this information gave you some insight into my own business rebranding. I can honestly say it was one of the best decisions I ever made for my business and I'm very glad I did it. The timing felt right for me and the reasons listed above were effective. I am now reaching my ideal client more than ever and I have more direction and focus in the way I operate my business. However, rebranding is not for everyone. If you are just tired or bored, I would encourage you to stick it out longer and get around community leaders who will help lift you up and support you.

Keep leading strong my friends. Heads high. Hearts focused.

Know your WHY and the rest will follow.

Until next time, peace.


I'm Jed Horca.

Owner of Jed Horca Photography. I specialize in Wedding and Elopement Photography based in Monterey, California.

Married to my best friend Kaitlyn, together we have a baby girl. You can find me listening to peaceful music, going on bike rides, watching Suits, drinking a hot coffee, or playing guitar and singing songs.

I'd be honored for the opportunity to work with you. Shoot me an email and let's connect!