Planning a wedding can be stressful, especially when you have so many ideas and you don't where to start. I've got your back. Here are five great suggestions to help you get started with planning your ideal wedding day.

Tehama Golf Club is a beautiful, classy wedding venue located deep in Carmel Valley, California. It's a private golf club with incredible views overlooking the Salinas-Carmel valley. You can even see the ocean on a clear day. Every aspect of this wedding venue shouts "class" and "elegance". Couples who get married here will have an unforgettable day.

Here are 5 tips for a successful wedding day at Tehama Golf Club

1. Start with a Plan.

Planning a wedding takes time and effort, but it's well worth it. Start by creating a timeline for your wedding. This will help you stay organized and avoid last minute panic attacks. Do you want to spend more time getting ready with your closest friends? Would you prefer a special 30 minute photo session with your photographer at sunset? These are all things that should be included in your timeline. Next, think about what kind of wedding you'd like to have. Do you want a traditional ceremony or do you prefer something more casual? What type of reception would you like?

It's important to sit down and dream about your ideal day and then try your best to nail down actual times to see how that flow will go. Tehama Golf Club has dedicated rooms specifically for brides and grooms to get ready with their wedding party. There is an epic outdoor area where the ceremony is held. It is a great place to plan your dream wedding.

2. Choose a Theme.

A theme is a central idea that ties together everything else about your wedding. It should reflect your personality and style. Think about what makes you unique as a couple and use those elements to guide your theme. If you're both outdoorsy, consider having a camping themed wedding. Or maybe you love classic black and white nostalgia, make everything classy and chic. Whatever you decide, make sure it is 100% your style. You should love all the elements of your wedding aesthetic and be happy when you look back twenty years from now.

3. Do a First Look.

Couples ask me all the time whether or not they should incorporate a first look in their wedding timeline. I personally love first looks and recommend them often. First looks are such a special time to escape the chaos of the day, slow down, and have some private time away. Two common options is to do a first look with your spouse or with your father. This particular bride did a first look with her dad and it was a beautiful, emotional time. 

4. Set aside 15-20 minutes for a Sunset Session.

A sunset session is the perfect way to capture magical photos that are absolutely stunning! If it works for your timeline, try to allot 20 minutes during sunset to sneak away and capture some beautiful moments together. During the first course of dinner is a great time to get away because your guests will be seated and mingling with each other. Or if you are doing a winter wedding and have an earlier sunset, maybe consider going out to shoot during cocktail hour right after the ceremony. This session is my favorite to capture and I always encourage couples to make time for this!

5. Select a Photographer.

Once you've found a location, start thinking about who will capture your special moments. A photographer should be able to tell you how much light there will be at different times of the day, as well as how much natural light exists in the room. They should also be able to give you advice on how to pose your family members and friends. Find a photographer who you get along with because on your wedding day, you will spending the most time with them. Make sure you hire someone you want to be around all day. Your photographer should have a close understanding of who you are and what you like and should be able to execute your vision.

Happy bride and groom getting married at Tehama Golf Club

Bride and groom at their first dance

Best friend cries during wedding speeches

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